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Fashion Forward Conference 2013

Last week the 11th of September I attended the 2nd annual Fashion Forward Conference in Manhattan. Alongside was my mother and my (sarcastic voice) darling daughter Ziana.

Out of all days to take the train into the city and walk in 4 inch heels it had to be a sweaty-hot day in NYC. Way to look glamorous, huh?

20130916-140148.jpg Photo by: bellamybluenyc

Anyways, I decided to attend the conference, well because why not? It was free, I enjoy fashion and like meeting new people.

The Fashion Forward Conference brought bloggers together to network among one another and learn just about everything under the sun when it comes to fashion; how to merge fashion into your blogs, contacting sponsors, fashion tips, panel experts, fashion show, beauty lounge, tech centers and more. It was a bunch of informative information wrapped into a fun day.

Unfortunately, having bought Ziana– my darling daughter, who is the usual calm child, decided that she wasn’t going to be a calm child, instead she’d be fussy and whine. Yay! Just what I wanted! Before leaving I was able to visit the booths they had and I enjoyed them.

My first stop was with Happy Squeeze, an organic convenient snack for our kiddies. Ziana had the puffs at the conference and ate them quietly back on our train ride home. The following days Ziana had the Happy Squeeze Blueberry flavor and loved it. She didn’t stop sucking the flavors out even after it was all done, haha.

Ziana also tried the Happy Tot Toddler Bar, flavored apple and kale crisp and of course loved that too! Who knew organic would be her thing?


I think my favorite was the Stride Rite area because I know of them and been a fan since my toddler years ๐Ÿ™‚ . Displayed was a bunch of new styles for Ziana and my favorites were those of cheetah/leopard print by Sperry! But for now I have to settle with the soft sole bottoms which didn’t have my cheetah style print :/

Next, I met with a representative of Nerium International who introduced me to a new Age-Defying Treatment that will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and discoloration which will take on average 30 days to begin seeing results.

Fields of Nerium oleander plants are harvested for the raw plant material utilized in their extraction process. Nerium is constantly tested after the process and is given to a number of parties to make sure everything is good for the consumers.

I was only given the night cream so can only speak on my experience with the night cream. Having been using the product for 5 days so far I’m a fan. It leaves this kind of mask on your face so as if your face doesn’t move and wrinkle up, make sense? Doesn’t hurt to try it–

One simple, yet innovative table I came across was Kiwi Crate which after subscribing to monthly issues ($16.95) your child gets a delivery to your home filled with that months creative and fun projects to play, explore and learn. (FYI, it’s so much more than the above photo).

It’s hard for parents to come up with new things to do with their children on a daily basis, so Kiwi Crates does all the planning for you. It’s honestly the greatest thing ever! In a couple of years Ziana will be old enough to enjoy this, but until then your kids and my nieces will be able to ๐Ÿ™‚ You’re welcome! Haha.

Moving on to the beauty table I came across a very pleasant representative for Sarah Potempa who introduced me to some great new hair styling technology created by Sarah herself. I got “The Wrap Up” which is supposed to be quick and easy and it kind of was. For a low bun the wrap up worked fine, but as for the high bun I found myself struggling with it and there was no video on Sarah Potempa’s website to illustrate it. Perhaps, it was just me who even after the third try couldn’t figure out how to make the bun tight enough (shrug). There was a raffle going on too, you picked a duck from the Paul and depending what face it had on the bottom you won a prize from Sarah’s collection. I wanted the “Beach Waver” or mini “touch-up” iron, but hey we can’t be too picky now, haha. I did win the “Power Paddle Brush” which is just as great. Funny enough, I always wanted one, but it was one of those things that I didn’t really need so just wouldn’t buy. It was great to untangle all my hair from this past windy weekend so definitely a plus!

I also got a Vera Bradley puffy wristlet in my swag bag which was a nice surprise. All of Vera’s bags are all printed material that’s been top stitched to give a quilted look. Cute. I got one with fall colors so I’ll be in style ๐Ÿ™‚

Overall, I enjoyed my time there, although a very small amount, I got a great amount of information from brand panelist Jocelyn Allen, Caitlin Lowe, Countess LuAnn and Rachel Deutsch. Also was able to see what’s new and hot from all the above sponsors what else could I have asked for? Can’t wait for next year!


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    Nicole Feliciano
    Sep 16, 2013 at 4:30 pm

    Glad you could make the event. Sorry the little one wasn’t cooperating ๐Ÿ™

    • Reply
      Sep 16, 2013 at 11:13 pm

      It was amazing the little that I heard and saw. Thanks for having me and I can’t wait for next year!!!

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