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Family Fun Bowling and Etiquette

*This is part of a sponsored collaboration with Bowlero Queens and DiMe Media. However, all opinions expressed are my own*

bowling etiquette

I can’t even remember when the last time me and the boyfriend went on a date night, but it was a long long time. Imagine how super-duper ecstatic I was to be invited to the grand opening of Bowlero in Queens– food, drinks, music, arcade and bowling, calls for a fabulous night out not just for a date night, but for the whole family.

Bowlero Queens is the area’s newest destination for upscale bowling, inventive dining and inspired events. When they say upscale they aren’t lying! A sports-bar to enjoy a few drinks and men in tight pants playing with a ball aka sports in their massive flat-screen TVs. They have great DJs playing some fun, shake your hips, fist pump, bachatero music to get anyone in the groove while bowling.

One of my favorite things about bowling locations is if they have blacklight bowling and Bowlero did! Then they had 35 lounge-inspired lanes which made it quicker to get on a lane and hang-out with the rest of your family. Bowlero has a fun atmosphere that adults and children alike will enjoy. If you need something to eat they of course have tons of food from burgers, hotdogs, pizza, salads, tacos, alongside their signature items. Ever seen a colossal “Party Pretzel,” a “Mega Mad hot dog” or a “Behemoth Burger” which is a 5lb, 14-inch round party burger to feed a few mouths? Well, they have it! And if you’re a dessert kind of gal- or pal they have another signature dish just for you– S’Mores Skillet– campfire-inspired treat made with crunchy graham crackers, melted milk chocolate oversized marshmallows and drizzle of caramel. MOUTH. WATERING. I might just stop this post to get one!

Ziana hasn’t gone bowling ever in her four years of life and we’re thinking Bowlero might just be the ideal place to go. Like almost any 4-year-old she could really be into something and then get bored and want to do something else. So besides eating her favorite comfort food, pizza, she can enjoy herself in the arcade area if she needs to. You may not know this about me, but I LOVE arcade games! My favorites are air hockey, basketball, multiplayer race games and any shooting game. Bowlero Queens will also feature a newly renovated arcade packed with billiards, bar shuffleboard, and over 25 of the newest and coolest games out there- from Time Crisis 5 and Typhoon to the Giant Crane and Sink it! So whether you’re with a kid or an adult who just isn’t feeling the whole bowling fun then they can step into the arcade for an hour or two. Fun? Can I get a woohoohoo! You can also catch the fun on our Youtube channel!

Now I also wanted to share a few tips on bowling etiquette as I ran into so many people who didn’t show it. Hey, I was oblivious once too!
1- Always give the bowler on other lanes who are ready to bowl the right of way. Means don’t blow, stay behind until he throws the bowling ball. Yeah, who knew! Apprently, it’s distracting.

2- Wear bowling shoes, duh! Many think they’ll just stay in cute in their new shoes, but those cute shoes will mess up the surface which can the cause you to fall or can be squeaky cauing distractions for other bowlers around you.

3- DO NOT just stand on the floor where bowlers are trying to bowl. This actually happened where the people next to us decided to take their party to our side where we were bowling.

4- Don’t distract the bowler by sparking up a conversation when they are trying to bowl.

5- When it’s your turn make sure you are around

6- Don’t take someone else’s bowling ball–even if it’s borrowed from the facility. I hunted for a ball that would fit me and my awkward fingers.

You’re welcome and let me know when you make your visit to Bowlero!

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