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Fall Fashion Essentials

Fall fashion! Where to start without being fashion savvy… I really have no idea, haha. Yet, I thought I’d let you all know what needs to be in your closet.

I read somewhere that colorful blazers were making an appearance for the fall. I absolutely love blazers and they can go over anything! They can go over body con dresses, jeans and trousers. So, it’s essential to have that in your closet. I took a picture of my blazers so far:


A bit wrinkly, but you clearly see them! The teal and black/white blazers I got at LoveCulture. The teal is a shawl blazer, meaning no buttons!

The hot pink one is from Charlotte Russe. The light pink shawl blazer, I don’t remember where I purchased it from.

The gray blazer is from Century 21- the store not real estate company. I still plan on getting a red and black blazer. Can’t ever have too many, right???

Now as a non-shoe expert, I believe that you can never go wrong with this shoes I’m about to show you in my closet.

Nude shoes is essential! So I got flats and heels 🙂 I got the flats at Famous Footwear (Steve Madden Brand) and the heels from- TARGET! Yup!


Also you can’t go wrong with black flats , which I got from American Eagle at Famous Footwear again. The moccasin’s are always good to have too- the brand is Jellypop from FAMOUS FOOTWEAR.


These are the best!!! Combat black leather boots!! Straight from Steve Madden this time, haha.

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