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Fall Fashion Approaching

With summer coming to an end, I’m sure all my ladies out there are shopping– or will be shopping for fall clothing. But what’s in and what’s hot? Well I’m here to help and learn with you 🙂

left to right: Alexander Wang, Proenza Schouler, Theyskens’ Theory

Their saying grays are in, but when isn’t it? Anyways, all shades are gray are in. Of course designers always put together wacky outfits and exaggerate fashion so what’s this polar bear outfit about Alexander Wang? I’m so in love with the light grays. It oozes a timeless and classy woman of any generation. As for the charcoal grays like Theyskens’ Theory outfit, although beautiful I don’t think many woman can rock it like myself. It drags all the color you have into a Morticia (Addams family) character. So beware of this color.


left to right: The Row, Tommy Hilfiger, Marc Jacobs

Knits, high-boots and fur (I suggest faux fur) is another hit this fall according to Harpers Bazaar. The over-sized sweaters are a fall/winter essential. Put it on as a dress with high-boots like Tommy Hilfiger shows or over a pair of slacks like The Row suggests. I personally don’t like a baggy over-sized sweater with baggy slacks so I would do some tight slacks, pleather or even jeans. As for Marc Jacobs took the knit-fur look way too far. Who the hell is going to wear a dead funny looking panther around their neck and parade around with a mini short over-sized sweater? Well maybe two of you reading this, but not many!


left to right: 3.1 Philip Lim, The Row, Rag & Bone

Blocks colors mixing with each other is definitely moving from summer to fall. Whether it’s uppity color or dark colors like black, white and gray you really can’t go wrong– hopefully. Phillip Lim’s pieces are a prime example of what not to do. Too much leather and colors mixing that are repulsive isn’t a hit and before you walk out the house take this picture make sure you don’t look like this. Again, not a fan of baggy clothing all over, but The Row shows you the classic white and black blocking. This Rag & Bone outfit is exactly what you should be looking up to.

Who would actually think to put all these colors together and make it look fabulous (besides stylists and fashionistas)?


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