Fair Fun in Pennsylvania

fair fun

If you know us you know we love going to our annual fair in Pennsylvania. It’s nothing grand, but we make it our mission to attend every year. There’s nothing better then watching your little one go on the scariest rides for her age, to pigging out, and enjoying the bright lights at night. Not only do we get to enjoy the rides and food, but also get to spend quality time with my boyfriend’s family.

This year definitely sucked for me though, since I’m now pregnant I had to sit down on all the rides that I usually get on. It was not fair! Oh, and the other thing, I wasn’t able to pig out ether since apparently this baby just hates everything that is food. So while everyone around me enjoyed the delicious sausages I so crave every year or the blooming onion, I sat back and ate a slice of not-so-great pizza with fries, oh joy!

Although I personally couldn’t enjoy all the thrills it was still enjoyable just because my Ziana was having a blast. This year she was able to get on all the kiddie rides from the non-so threatening carousels (alone), to the scary bumpy monster truck ride to the terrifying dragon roller-coaster, which she had gone on last year and I was petrified, but she wanted to and ended up loving it again this year. This could have easily been a cry session for me watching my little Buddha belly growing up and needing me at all. She even said I couldn’t go on, she goes alone! The nerve…

With my camera of course at hand I managed to take some great memories frozen in time to share with you all!

What’s your favorite part of a fair?

rides at the fair

roller coaster

Getting ready to ride on the roller-coaster


fair rides

helicopter ride

Waving hi everytime she passed by <3[/caption] slippery slide

[caption id="attachment_18814" align="alignnone" width="600"]fair prize Her first time playing for a prize

facial expressions


He had to get his annual rootbeer

nikon d300


lion child

candid moments


riding dirty

shooting game

carnival games


Daddy won the family a minion!!!

farm animals

Doing the “moooooo”

baby calf kisses <3[/caption] ferris wheel view

crazy family


monster truck


mother daughter

family photo

scary rides

father daughter

family portarit

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    Annual Pennsylvania Fair
    Aug 17, 2016 at 12:31 am

    […] It’s the most wonderful time of the year– in summer– fairs and carnivals! You must already know every year we do our annual trip to Pennsylvania specifically to surround ourselves in everything that makes us feel young again, the Wayne County Fair. I never bother going to the fairs out here in New York because it’s ridiculously over-priced for not many rides at all. At Wayne County Fair you pay $10 to get in with unlimited rides, yes, unlimited! The greasy food, the number of rides and the memories we get with the family is something we look forward to every year. Check out her first year at the fair, and her second time at the fair! […]

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