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Exposing My Child to the World

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We all try to keep our children safe from the things in the world like what they shouldn’t be watching on TV, but there are some things that I will allow my daughter to watch with me and that is, child abduction movies. I absolutely love watching Lifetime TV movies and for some reason my daughter gets intrigued by them too. I’ve told people that I have my daughter watch abduction movies and they always give me that look, you’re probably giving me that look too. Why do I allow it? Simple. I want her to open her eyes of the evils in this world, the possibility of things that can happen and how to be safe.

Many might say that I’m ruining her childhood to have her exposed at such a young age to these kinds of things, but I say not at all. I never want Ziana to be naïve to people or things around her. As much I want her to feel safe and happy, unfortunately not everyone wants the same for your child. It’s the perfect time to discuss whats going on in the movie; be vigilant of people around you, look for signs, why they should do this and that, what to do if it happens and so on. Even when we’re walking I tell her to stay close because if she goes too far or runs away from mommy someone can take her and she immediately listens– most of the time.

It’s one thing to understand the dangers, but to not fear it is to live carelessly. If you don’t accept the fear you don’t have the true perception of the dangers. Growing up you fear getting caught sneaking out the house– you knew the dangers, you were aware of it, but you understood the repercussions, thus raising your awareness. If you snuck out the house you turned the knob slowly, made fake people under blankets, tip toed to your room and so on.

I’m one of those parents who are truly petrified of those kinds of things happening and I want to make sure I did everything I possibly could to make my child aware of the possibilities. Is it too far? What are your thoughts?

There’s never a “right” age to talk to your children about what the world has to offer; good or bad. To further prepare you and your child I did some digging to help in what steps to take just in case; according to Kids Health:
1. Have updated photos of your children every 6 months and get them fingerprinted. Most police departments will have a fingerprinting program
2. Set boundaries of places your child can go and supervise when possible; malls, movies, parks, bathroom etc
3. Don’t leave your child alone for even 10 seconds. It’s obvious, but when in the moment anything can happen.
4. Don’t have your child’s name on any clothing. Children tend to trust people who know their name.
5. Point out the homes of friends around the neighborhood where your kids can go in case of trouble.
6. If you’ve arranged for someone to pick up your kids from school or day care, discuss the arrangements beforehand with your kids and with the school or childcare center.

For more tips on how to protect your children visit Kids Health

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