Email Subscriptions Are Evil


If you sign up now get 25% your whole order. Not just that, but get notified when there are sales and clearances. Sounds like a great idea! Right? No, wrong!

Subscribing to be put on a stores mailing list is more of a curse than it is a gift. Sure, you get notified of the store buster deals and midnight sales, but sometimes it’s usually a scheme and I’ve seen this happen! For instance, I love Carter’s clothing for Ziana, but they seriously send you the same thing that’s been on sale forever and if you don’t check regularly like me then you don’t notice and think its a great deal and feel obligated to get the outfit. They may pull one over on you, but not I!


On top of that, you usually see all the new amazing stuff you didn’t see before. I swear the people over at ShoeDazzle work 24/7 to send a daily email of NEW shoes, it’s crazy. When I was going through my splurging period I bought four pairs of shoes in the matter of a week! I unsubscribed, but for some reason I’m still getting emails–

If you’re in that splurging period or don’t have any self-control getting these emails do you no good. By the next $100 transaction you’ll be wondering where all your money went and why you don’t have enough buying necessities, like panties! It’s rough out there, haha.

The only conclusion I came up with is don’t subscribe at all or subscribe, but click on the option of getting emails once a week or once a month (if there’s a choice).

Trust me, this email subscription to a store is evil!!!



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