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Elementary School Shooting


**Updates are added as the story develops below the photos **

What possibly could have driven a 20 something-year-old man to kill 20 children at Sandy Hook elementary school and about 7 adults? According to the LA Times the alleged shooter was previously identify as Ryan Lanza the the son of an employee, Nancy Lanza, at the school in Newtown, Connecticut.

Once the name was released I went to Facebook to find the account and there were plenty of Ryan Lanza’s. There was one that stated he lived in New Jersey, but raised in Newtown, Conn. I was pretty sure it was him, but just incase it wasn’t I didn’t want to put someone on blast that wasn’t the shooter. This was the page:


Since I don’t like to jump on the bandwagon as everyone else (thank goodness) news reports are now stating that this man is NOT the shooter and its obviously not him if he’s been posting on his Facebook page after the incident because the shooter is dead as well.


But now reports state that the shooter was ADAM Lanza not Ryan Lanza who is his 24-year-old brother.

What was previously reported was that Lanza’s father, Peter lives in Hoboken, New Jersey– who had been found dead. Not sure of this is true. Lanza’s mother was found dead in her home that she shared with Adam Lanza. Was there a possible vendetta against his parents or just his mother? What did he feel they did to him??

So speculation is that he killed his mother and then went to kill her students since he knew his mother loved those children. Maybe more then him? What’s more upsetting is that he may have been able to just walk into the school without the proper procedures since staff knew who he was.

The families are in my prayers and what pains me more is that with Christmas around the corner there are plenty of presents under the tree for children who won’t ever get the chance to open them.






-6:20PM the two guns that Adam Lanza used were owned by his mother. Why does a first grade teacher have so many guns!?

-6:51PM Brother of Adam states he had a mental illness. Want to work on regulating who has guns? How about those who have a mentally ill person living with them should not own a gun!

-8:34PM Ryan Lanza reports that his brother had a personality disorder and hasn’t spoken to him since he 2010. Interesting…

-9:55PM Okay, so Peter Lanza (father) is not dead. He was told of the incident when he arrived to his NJ home from news reporters. Peter divorced Nancy back in 2008.

Also people that went to school with Adam Lanza described him to be a loner who kept to himself.


This letter is surfacing on twitter only stating it was written by a boy who thought he was going to die during the lockdown. Others on twitter state the boy died. This may not be true though, how could this have been seen by anyone yet? Everything is evidence.

December 15, 2012
-4:30PM all victims were shot more than once. Most more than 7 times! Unbelievable.

-9:00PM Police recovered three weapons from the scene: a semi-automatic .223 Bushmaster, a Glock and a Sig Sauer.

-Nancy and Adam Lanza…


-10:18PM Adam shot his mother in the head while she slept and broke all the computers he had to try and hide evidence.

-Reports also state that Nancy Lanza probably was not a teacher at the school, but perhaps volunteered. Adam had many issues in school (not known what issues) and his mother was always in disagreement with the district.

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