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Easy Toddler Hairstyle for Girls

easy toddler hairstyles

Christmas is in 4 days! 4 days, I know I can’t even believe it. For me finding the perfect outfit and having the hair on point was a must for my mom. Now, that I’m older getting all dolled up just doesn’t do it for me if we’re just going to be hanging out at home, haha. That however, is not how my daughter is going to roll– she needs the perfect dress and hair for Santa Claus. I have a few outfits I want her to wear and Ziana, of course has her opinions, but mommy has last say– I need to keep the control for as long as I can. As I was snooping around on Pinterest I came across a really cute and simple hairdo that would be perfect for Christmas; a bow! I know, genius! However, Ziana Eliz has the kind of hair that is to die for- nice and straight, but it’s so thin that it doesn’t hold up to many hairdo’s. Thus, why I did the bow with a bit of sloppiness to it, because who likes anything that’s perfect?

1) After shampooing and conditioning their hair with Johnson’s baby use the detangling spray to take out any knots and keep the hair neat–

Easy toddler hairstyles for long hair

2) If a leave-in conditioner is important for us as grown-ups it should be important for your doll too-

3) Tie the hair up in a pony not pulling the last loop all the way through. Make sure the ponytail is as high as you can so it’ll be noticeable. And make sure the tail is on top not under the ponytail

quick easy toddler hairstyles

4) Next split the loop of the ponytail in two

easy hairstyles little girl

5) Flip the tail over in between the splitted loop and pin it down
cute and easy toddler hairstyles

6) Voila you’re down. Since Ziana’s hair easily falls out I kept pieces out to make it seem like that’s how it’s suppose to be
easy hairstyles little girl

easy to do toddler hairstyles

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