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Dermworx Eczema Creams

**Products were given to me for review. All opinions are my own and no further compensation was given**
dermworx eczema creams

I’ve been a long-time suffer of eczema since I was a kid– dry itchy patches spread all over my body. It feels as bad as it looks, and I’m sure many of you who follow me on Youtube have seen my flare-ups. So when I was given the opportunity to try out the new products that The Dermatology Group had to offer specifically for skin types that suffered from Atopic and Eczema I jumped at the chance– just a side note that the AT4 products are available at certain dermatology offices.

The Dermatology Group is a New Jersey derm practice, offering an array of amenities to those who suffer from these skin issues including dermatology, cosmetic dermatology, plastic surgery, aesthetics, skin care and much more. Dermatology Group is a practice of all dermatologist who have teamed up to bring a line that will target those skin issue areas many of us suffer from which will be effective and reasonably priced. I was able to test out the products for a month and I’ve had a semi-good experience with them.

Products tested:
1- AT4 A.D. Intensive Cream

2- AT4 Soothing Body Lotion

3- Lipid Repair Bath Gel

4- Facial Moisturizer

The products didn’t have any irritating components when it came to smell or feel on my skin which was a plus, but it still didn’t completely take away the dry patches. I liked the “Intensive Cream” as you saw in my ” “What’s In My Diaper Bag” video– it was nearly done! The two products I loved must and I saw a difference when used hand-in-hand and correctly were the Repair Bath Gel, body lotion and Facial Moisturizer. I must admit I got lazy sometimes having to put on the body lotion and then the facial moisturizer, and I felt the difference. When I put the body lotion on my face it didn’t feel good and the irritation continued, so please make sure to not do what I did! Also, another helpful tip– the bath gel is for the face AND body, it doesn’t state that on the front of the bottle, but it worked wonders on my face and still does!

My rating? If I were to cut out the scolding hot water the products would probably be 100% effective, I’m still working on it though. Due to that fact alone the product worked 85% for me. Everyone is different– what works for some, might not work for others. Give it a try? Why not!

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