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Who likes douchebags? Not I! And I’m sure not you. Well let me enlighten you all to the greatest douchebag if you didn’t know– William Adams aka is a huge one!


Not only has he stolen song after song from hard-working individuals, but now this 55,000 record selling loser (album which came out in April) has upped the ante. William has been constantly sending the talented producer Pharrell Williams letter after letter telling him to stop using “IAmOther” for his website (IAmOther).


Why? That’s simple. William believes that he owns “I am.” Before William could sue, Pharrell took it to court and counter suited to make sure he can use “I am” and not be sued by the sore loser. Smart!

Like Kanye said, “any publicity is good publicity,” William is taking that to the extent.

Lets see how this plays out–

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