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COVERGIRL Joins Forces with Star Wars

Last week COVERGIRL announced some huge news, first-of-its-kind beauty collaboration with the upcoming blockbuster film, Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Now I know there are a ton– no millions of people who LOVE Star Wars and makeup, so just imagine the news when COVERGIRL said they were going to have a special limited-edition makeup line just for YOU. Unfortunately, I was never a Star Wars fan, but when I was told about the makeup line and seen the products I got excited.

The looks were designed to enable the hundreds of millions of female Star Wars fans to celebrate their love of the movie, transform their look, and express multiple sides of their personalities, representing the Light Side and Dark Side. If you want a sneak peak of not just what they’re coming out with, but some of what the products actually look like on with someone of my complexion keep reading!

covergirl star wars

I’m a lippies girl, I love lipsticks! The Star Wars edition will release 6 new shades which will provide the force to choose between the Light Side and the Dark Side;
Light Side Shades:
• Droid – Gold #40 • Lilac #20 • Nude #70
Dark Side Shades:
• Stormtrooper – Dark Purple #50 • Red #30 • Silver #10

lipstick swatches

The lipsticks are all deliciously rich, saturated color payoff glides on smooth, have a moisturizing formula which is packed with emollients, so lips feel gorgeous and smooth. Contain shea, avocado and aloe butters, olive-derived Squalane (which replicates skin’s natural ingredient to condition itself) and antioxidants such as white tea and vitamin E.

When I first opened up the package I thought they were just the same old lipsticks COVERGIRL had come out with, but with the STAR WARS logo slapped on them, well I was wrong. The colors are all different and have hidden specks of shimmer to them, it’s really gorgeous. My favorite was the LIGHT SHADE in “nude,” it’s truly is the perfect nude with hints of gold in it.


covergirl mascara

And you know COVERGIRL is great for their mascara (in my opinion), well here they are again with 10 COVERGIRL SuperSizer Mascara which are divided into 5 Light Side (Waterproof) and 5 Dark Side (Regular) SKUs and include iconic Star Wars movie lines, unique to their corresponding side:
5 Light Side On-pack Quotes (Waterproof)
“May The Force Be With You”; “Do, Or Do Not, There Is No Try”; “You’re My Only Hope”; “I Feel The Good In You”;
“Luminous Beings Are We
•5 Dark Side On-Pack Quotes (Regular)
“I Will Finish What You Started”; “There Has Been An Awakening”; “Indeed You Are Powerful”; “You Will Meet Your Destiny”; “Immune To The Light”

best mascara

The mascara extends my lashes it’s insane! I had some of my subscribers on my Youtube channel ask ‘what mascara I was using’ or ‘how gorgeous my lashes were’, all I said was to wait until the blog post came out– now there you go! My lashes aren’t just dramatic and more voluminous– but BIGGER!


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