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When Is It Too Much Makeup?

Makeup is a wonderful part of every woman’s life. It can bring out your best features and it can completely transform you into a different person.

I wear makeup just about everyday. It has become apart of my everyday routine and thankfully even with it off I look the same. Not the same can be said about many other women out there.

We all have made fun of those women at the MAC stores for looking like clowns because of the pounds of makeup they have on it’s just ridiculously funny. Does it look gorgeous? Most of the time, but when’s it taking too far?

20140112-223521.jpg We women can appreciate this beautiful work, but for this to be your everyday look? Not sure about that…


Exhibit A: Is this really okay? To fool people who don’t know you to think they’re dating a runway model instead of a plain Jane? This girl is beautiful without the makeup, but once he out on all that makeup she no longer is the girl we originally saw.

What she’s demonstrating in the photos is contouring and highlighting– something I’ve tried to get into, but not completely making myself disappear.

As a guy would you be mad if you took a girl home and the next morning you see someone else in your bed with your sheets and pillow cases smeared with bronzer and foundation? I really would like to know.

Let us move on to exhibit B, shall we?


This is taking it too far. I almost feel guilty for putting her face up, but if you don’t want it shown don’t put it on social media!

You would think this was a different girl! The eyes look different, nose, lips, eyebrows and most obviously her skin. When someone does an exceptional job on contouring, highlighting and masking all the imperfections it gives the illusion that you have a smaller nose or flawless skin.

I don’t like it. Masking your face to paint on a new one is deceiving not only to the world, but to yourself. And if you need it to make yourself feel better than you need to work on that. We should all feel great in our own skin with only minimum makeup, not a clown mask to temporarily disguise long lasting feelings of one self.


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