Christmas Trees; The Classy, The Trashy

Tis’ the season to be jolly– and also tis’ the season to see those beautiful, unique and ratchet Christmas trees, okay not necessarily ratchet per say, BUT those less then fortunate trees who have been massacred or decorated with unflattering decorations.

I scrolled the Instagram world to find those kinds of Christmas trees for all of you to get inspired and to see how massacring your Christmas tree could be a travesty for all.

Beautiful & Classy

20131204-212518.jpg Simplicity can still be gorgeous! The ribbons draping from the top going down is beautiful.

20131204-212700.jpg Sure, you may think that it’s too much green, but I love it! Imagine how it would pop in your living room? Exactly! I think they should’ve added gold ornaments and it would be perfection.

20131204-212833.jpg Gorgeous! Definitely love the Christmas topper.

20131204-212936.jpg Just right. Not overwhelmed with ornaments, which many people do.

20131204-213101.jpg Simple gold with white lights? Gorg!

20131204-213142.jpg Similar to the one above just with more lights/ornaments. The best part is that furry kind of mat around the tree which makes it look like snow.

20131204-213643.jpg They picked four colors and worked with only those, making sure the topper was one of those colors and made it POP.

20131204-221936.jpg Okay, this tree may have a little too much ornaments, but it works well. I would put a bit more ornaments on top by the topper since it looks a bit empty. But other from that– love the colors, love the snowflakes and gold bows throughout.


20131204-213824.jpg So even though I’m not all for butchering animals you have to admit using Elk antlers was very unique. Then using those fake light bulbs– agh, suburb!

20131204-214118.jpg I absolutely hate when people overwhelm their trees with decorations, but this? So not in that category. I love, love, love it! And the Santa hat wood topper with a phrase on it? Winning!!

20131204-214438.jpg They bought a small tree for a table and used their imagination. They took peacock feathers and what looks like blue lilies or maybe some kind of dyed flower, and decorated with just that. Beautiful!

20131204-221743.jpg Haha, funny.

20131204-221832.jpg Colorful fans and spiral thingy’s. I love me some bright colors 🙂

20131204-222142.jpg For the bookworm in you <3 20131204-222424.jpg Wood shelves!! One of my faves. Wish I would’ve came up with it.

20131204-222510.jpg The lights could’ve been more aligned and figuring out what to do with the top would’ve made this a #1 tree. I definitely see the creativity in this one — so it’s high up on my scale.


20131204-222756.jpg Eerrrr, ehhhh, hmmm– where’s the top of the tree? Where are the decorations? I’m all for a Charlie Brown Christmas, because it’s kind of what I want to get, but if you’re going to go that route at least have no leaves then.

20131204-225350.jpg Last I remembered trees were green, right? Hate white trees. Haven’t ever seen a beautiful white tree. If you have prove me wrong, please!

20131204-231948.jpg Oh, come on! RED!? At that a tinsel red tree with an awful topper and awful picture decorations? Burn that tree now and anything that’s touched it. Thank you!

20131204-225620.jpg This isn’t a horrible tree, just how it’s slanted bothers me a bit but maybe it’s how the photo was taken? And it’s super skinny–

20131204-225925.jpg Being different is great, BUT two different colored lights and then hang an ugly stocking right smack in the middle? Why? Pow-pow right on your booty!

20131204-230125.jpg Welcome your first hood tree! It’s obviously a joke– isn’t it?

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    Alicia Gibbs (@LaFashionChica)
    Dec 5, 2013 at 3:39 pm

    Lol you’re too funny! I’ll be doing a Christmas decoration post on my blog so there will be better pics of my tree lol I love all my bright ornaments.

    • Reply
      Dec 5, 2013 at 3:43 pm

      Can’t wait to see it! I loooove the colors you chose 🙂

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