Christmas Traditions

After years I came face-to-face with my old pal Santa yesterday and it was a bit exciting! I mean, I remember him coming to my house every Christmas and eating all the food I left for him on the table with a glass of milk– it was a special day. Now I was bringing baby Z to meet him and make her own memories with him.

The day before my boyfriend and I spoke on our Santa memories and he had way better “traditions” than I did. All I did was leave the guy food; fruits, cookies, bread, milk and whatever else I found lying around. My boyfriends traditions were awesome. My brother and I didn’t have any traditions because my parents didn’t have any coming from their families as well.

So here are some traditions I’ve heard of that you can make your own:
-What I made a tradition was about 6 years back was have my family pose in front of the tree every year in the same spot as the year before. I love seeing how we’ve all changed.
– My mom sews so when there was a new addition to our family she made them a stocking. I guess that’s a tradition?
-His father would climb on the roof and make stumping noises or jingle bells in the middle of the night even if they were sleeping.
-His dad would make reindeer prints on the snow. I can’t wait to do that for Ziana.
-What my brother’s family does, they have an “Elf in the shelf” that watches the kids and reports back to Santa whether you been naughty or nice and every morning the Elf is in a different spot.
-One I heard similar to the elf is that the elf makes a mess on Christmas Day and the children have to clean the mess up to get their presents. The story goes that the Elf comes alive on that day.
-Getting your child an ornament every year and when they get older they have stories behind them which is special.
-What I heard a lot of people do is have the family open up one gift before Christmas Day and have it be gift with the pajamas therefore when you wake up Christmas Day everyone is in their new pajamas.
-Go to a tree farm together and pick out your own tree.
-Watch Christmas movies together on Christmas Eve or Day.
-Charity work is always nice. Once Ziana is old enough to understand things she will be donating one of her gifts to a charity.

Hope this helped some! Now here are the pictures of Ziana with Santa. Don’t mind me not matching, we weren’t planning on taking a picture…

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