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I was super thrilled when a PR representative contacted me about featuring their products; B. toys and Our Generation. Who doesn’t love toys!? Even though they weren’t exactly for me I would have fun with them as Ziana unwrapped and goofed around with the toys.

If you’re still struggling on what to get your child for Christmas, here are some gift ideas I know you’ll love!

B. toys is a fairly new launching in 2010, B. toys was created with an eye to every detail, which you can visibly see in the photos and video.

They made it their mission to have their toys feel and look different from other competitors — things one might dream up in a dream.

What’s also great is their dedication to mother earth. B. toys uses recycled and recyclable packaging – even created the world’s first reversible gift wrap. B. donates 10 cents to Free The Children for the purchase of each product.

Think of it this way, if you buy from B. toys— everyone wins!

I took photos and did a YouTube video, so please check both out and let me know what you think 🙂


I was able to pick out the “Parum Pum Pum” toy which is a drum you place around your neck– or just leave it on the floor– and drum away. You can also play with the other 5 instruments in the drum set. Z, loving music, enjoyed this toy very much! Any musical instrument from B. toys is a great gift idea.

For a nice $23 bucks you can purchase your own at Target.

b. toys parum pump pum

b toys parum pum pum

My next favorite, wish I was hoping they’d send was the B. toys Illuminated Teepee! A place that your child can go into and get some privacy (yes they need that too), while enjoying the magical light show that awaits for them inside. It’s easy to set up– well for most. As you’ll see in the YouTube video I couldn’t complete the task, haha. At first Z was a bit skeptical about stepping in, but after a while of me enjoying myself in there she warmed up to the teepee 🙂

Awesome gift idea! For $40 bucks at Target you can play in your own.

b. toys illuminated teepee

b toys teepee

b toys teepee

Lastly, I– okay-okay, Z got a doll named “Sadie” from ” Our Generation.”

Our Generation
too has a mission and its pretty amazing– it’s to make this generation (our kids) the best one yet. So, why not help in their mission.

It’s about girls helping girls who are less fortunate because they want to and because they know they can. Their packaging also helps out Mother Nature, and they also donate 10 cents to Free The Children for the purchase of each product.

They’re helping families learn to recycle, hold bake sales to support charities, even holding penny drives to build homes for, orphaned children in Haiti. They’re helping our little sisters learn to read and even making sure the new kid at school has a place to sit in the cafeteria.

Pretty cool, huh?

For $23 you can buy your own at Target.

our generation

our generation dolls

our generation dolls

our generation doll sadie

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