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What The F#&%ion!?

Getting more into fashion I’ve decided to do more fashion related posts, so here it goes.

I’m a cheetah/leopard print fanatic! From my shirts, shorts, purses, bras and underwear. If it’s cheetah/leopard print you better know I will fight you for the piece of item you wear.

Cheetah print was everywhere on the runway and it always will be. A hint of cheetah even if its just a belt goes a long way.

I purchased these cheetah booties the beginning of this year I from a friend who had bought them, so of course I had to find out where she got them from. Come to find out it was from the least expected store, Old Navy. These beauties were on sale for I believe $25! What a steal.


This is how I wore my booties this weekend–



Then Sunday on Ziana’s playdate I rocked them (yes I like to dress up just about everywhere I go).

20131110-190513.jpg With a pop of a color it can make you stand out. Definitely a favorite outfit I pieced together. Thanks Pinterest!

And I couldn’t be the only one cheetah’d out, Z had to join in the statement–

20131110-193041.jpg The bruise is an extra fashion statement, haha.

Remember, a touch of cheetah goes along way–


What’s your favorite cheetah piece?


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