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Campaign Of Kindness: Tacky Box

tacky box campaign of kindness

Growing up I know we’ve all gone through the bullies and people saying real nasty and hurtful things to us– it’s inevitable. What’s even worse is that although we might raise our children one way; such as being kind and saying kind words, they do hear “tacky” language and are exposed to behavior we would never dare expose them to from other children we have no control over.

I was excited when I was given the opportunity to join in on the “Campaign of Kindness” through Tacky Box! Their mission is to create a nationwide ripple effect. They want to reach every 3-8 year old and provide them with his or her own Tacky Box Set to use at home. They’ve also partnered up with educators to create a curriculum to roll out the concept in schools, and they’ve discounted the product to make it happen. They are eager to spread the message of kindness before the words and actions of others make their mark.

I’ve spoken about this before in past blogs where I’ve mentioned that children these days are not the same. They’re growing up rather fast and their innocence is being taken away especially by those around them who are exposing our children of unkind actions and words. This is the perfect way to help you child realize what unkind and hurtful words are and how they can hurt others. It’s one thing to talk to them about it, but it’s another to have them take part in an activity to understand further.

tacky box campaign of kindness

Although my daughter Ziana is a year young for this activity I believe it’s never too late to teach her such lessons. Ziana enjoyed the book because– well she enjoys when I read to her and she enjoys monkeys! The tacky box set comes with a 32-page illustrated book, a box to decorate the tacky box with paint, crayons, stickers (whatever) and a notepad to write down the tacky words. Ziana has colored on the box not as decorative as it could be if she was older, but none the less she did. If you have a boy they’ll get the same material just that the book will be a male monkey as opposed to a female monkey Ziana got.

This story teaches kids about the power of words and the impact of making good choices. When combined with the Tacky Box the story makes a very effective and hands-on parenting tool and proves that learning about kindness can be very fun.

Tacky Box was written and created by Chris Phelps, Emma Phelps and Cindy Kent. It was created the day his daughter Emma used her first four letter word and Chris Phelps was taken aback on how to go about the situation. He simply got creative and created the Tacky Box. The unexpected result was how well it worked – not just on four letter words but also unkind phrases and tacky behavior – and the resulting ripple effect. After awhile Chris’ children took pride in distinguishing between what was appropriate and inappropriate and in policing their own words and actions. When kids have control I think that’s what makes this experience that much better.

Here are the comments of what some parents are saying–

“The Tacky Box is such a great tool to help me parent my children when the inevitable “tacky” words come out of their mouth. It allows me to have a productive conversation that gives them the desire to make the right choice going forward.” -Robin Pou

“The opportunity to travel during my reign as Miss USA paired with my experience as a mom of four has opened my eyes to the need to make the world a kinder place. I believe Tacky Box is exactly what we need to make real change starting with our children.” -Kandace Krueger

“As a single father of two girls, I can say Tacky Box has been a game changer for our home. Instilling solid values and appropriate behavior in two little girls is not an easy task, especially when they are frequently exposed to challenging influences when they are not at home. Both daughters, ages 6 & 8, enjoyed the book and decorating their boxes. They have taken “ownership” of being classy vs. tacky with their behavior and words and even called me out when I said something tacky informing me that I should write it down and put it in their tacky box. I think we’re all better off with the Tacky Box at home and I would recommend it to anyone with children. It teaches an excellent lesson in kindness and being aware of the words that we choose.” -Michael Smit

For $29.95 your child can own their own Tacky Box kit which includes hardback cover of Margo or Max’s Magnificent Choice, authentic Tacky Box wooden box, instructions from the author and a special notepad featuring Margo or Max.

tacky box campaign of kindness

tacky box campaign of kindness

tacky box campaign of kindness

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