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Bring on the Stripes

Bring on the Stripes
how to wear stripes

Can you believe this Labor Day weekend was the worst ever? The sun wasn’t out, rain clouds poured over us and chilly came by early to visit. It was the last chance I had to enjoy the beach, which I never made this year. Better luck next year! With the cooler weather now fast approaching it’s only right to start stocking up on new sweaters and hoodies to add to your collection from years past. Thankfully, I started my shopping two weeks ago and was well prepared for the stormy weekend. I decided to take out my new blue/white stripe sweater to play.

My secret on wearing stripes–

Stripes never go out of style, they’re an old time classic which can dress up any outfit you put together. There are no golden rules to wearing stripes– it’s always been said that horizontal stripes makes us bustier-curvier ladies bigger than we really are and that vertical lines make you look slimmer. I personally don’t believe too much of that because I wore a horizontal sweater and I looked perfectly perfect in it! I do believe that the size of the lines is what can make you look bigger than you want. The stripes of my sweater were about 1-inch big, which is the perfect size to wear without make you look bigger.

I absolutely love stripes (sweaters, dresses, pants) it adds fun to any outfit– keeping it casual or bold and daring. So here I listed my new favorite sweater and other stripe-fun outfits I think you’ll love as well–

My shirt is the first one listed below, but in red. They have the blue option like mine or the black once you click on the photo-

wearing stripes to look thinner

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