Big Foot Lives Upstairs From Me


To rent or to buy? There are pros and cons to both and for now we’re renting, same place for two years. Same neighbors too, great people. Except— our upstairs neighbors.

As much as I want to change my crazy ways of being b*#!hy it’s as if the good folks upstairs apparently always want to test me. First year it was a nice girl around my age who always had domestic issues with her boyfriend, but that wasn’t the cause of my displeasure with her– it was her damn cute dog who raced back and forth from the living room to the bedroom. We had a thing going that if I was sleeping or annoyed I’d take my broom (as if I was an old woman) and start banging my broom up to the ceiling. And just like that it was over.

Eventually, she moved out and I’ve had about three new upstairs neighbors who we’ve absolutely hated and I think this new one beats them all.

It’s hard enough not getting enough sleep when Ziana decides to cry in the middle of the night, so imagine being awoken every couple of hours or bright and early at 6:00 when there waking up to go to work– or wherever the hell their going. Now I’m sympathetic to all my neighbors when Ziana cries and cries, but I can’t just wiggle my nose and magically get her to knock out (if only).

They can easily cut off their feet which will then stop them from walking like big foot around the whole apartment. Problem solved. Either that or I can do it for them. Or I can just be the neighbor from hell and constantly make complaints. Or just be nice and talk to them– or just cut off their feet– decisions, decisions.


It’s understandable that people don’t know how heavy they walk because we don’t pay attention to it unless someone has mentioned it to us. I have heavy feet so I’m a bit more cautious to it. Also, it helps that I don’t walk around the house with shoes on because one that’s disgusting and two it trims down the noise by 50% (by my calculation).

So lets see what I do about these big-footed monsters upstairs. It’s always good to play nice, right?


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