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Best Apps for Working Moms

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Best Apps for Working Moms

The number of working mothers in the US has increased over the years. A recent report by the Pew Foundation discloses not only are the number of working moms increasing but the amount of households where the women are the sole or primary income provider in a record 40 percent of households with children in, that’s nearly four times the rate from 1960.

Being a mother is not a walk in the park, particularly if you’re a working mom. There is that constant struggle to achieve balance when it comes to home and work life. Thanks to the mobile age, apps are developed everyday to make lives easier especially for working moms. Here are some must-have apps for busy moms:

Cozi (iOS, Android, BlackBerry)
Cozi is like a personal organizer for moms. It enables you to manage your family calendar, jot down shopping lists, handle to-do lists, and write in your family journal.

Grocery iQ (iOS, Android)
Grocery iQ is for budget-conscious working moms as this app helps in saving time and money when grocery shopping. It offers a barcode scanning feature to create lists easier and is also integrated with coupons so you can save on some of the items on your grocery list.

Mom Maps (iOS, Android)
Dubbed as “Google Maps for Moms,” Mom Maps helps you look for nearby parks, restaurants, playgrounds and other child-friendly spots. It utilizes your phone’s location or you can key in an address to search all the places you want to visit.

ShopSavvy (iOS, Android)
The ShopSavvy app is known as mom’s personal shopping assistant. You can scan the barcode of any item with the camera on your mobile phone so you can find the best prices at physical stores or online shops. It makes sure that you are getting the best deal when shopping.

Since working moms are always on-the-go, it is very important for them to always have a fully-charged smartphone to utilise such apps. Since charging takes a considerable amount of time, finding ways to save mobile battery is an important task. Experts from mobile gaming app pocket fruity suggest turning off your 3G connectivity, when you don’t need it or use a Wi-Fi connection instead.

It’s a good way to save mobile battery and you get to save money because you won’t use up all your data allowance. This is especially relevant when using apps like Mom Maps as you could be away from a power point for a considerable amount of time.
So what are you waiting for? Reach for your smartphone and use these apps to make your day a lot more efficient.

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