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Being Polite!

being polite

Being polite is all about respect– being considerate of those around you. This is something everyone should know, but apparently there are people who were raised by wolves or never watched my good pal Barney. My most recent encounter was last week which I did vlog about because I was so beyond pissed it was just something I needed to touch on with my subscribers.

As I was holding the door for my boyfriend and daughter to go through I extended my time and kindness to the woman behind me and held the door for her. Thank you? You’re welcome? Nope nothing to that exchange happened. In these situations instead of hoping to going back in time and slamming the door in her face you can actually comment on how much of a sh*tty person they are– like I did.

I loudly said “You’re welcome and I loved how people were so courteous.” I also proceeded to record her as her uneducated behind grilled me. It was rather funny.

I just don’t understand how people don’t know simple courteous words when someone else is kind. I’m the type that will not budge if someone doesn’t say excuse me or push back when someone tries to push through without saying excuse me. I will in no way respect you and you shouldn’t be respected for being a nasty person.

With such a strong belief that people should be NICE I raise my daughter to be nice, polite and courteous. It’s something that’s implemented everyday– yes mama, no mama, thank you, excuse me, please, may I have it and so on. I remember this one woman had complimented on how polite Z was and I told her start young with your son it’s never too early to teach them.

You may or may not ever see this person again in your life, but if you do you would t want them to remember you as being nasty.

There’s so much more to be a polite person so just in case you’re one of those that may not know here are some helpful tips:

1- Say hello or good morning to those you encounter.

2- Eye contact is great when speaking with someone. Do not look around as if you have better things to do.

3- Be helpful when you can

4- Listen to what the other person is saying. Yes, we all drift off sometimes, but definitely apologize.

5- Respect people’s time. If you’re meeting a friend, family or business associate be on time!

6- Dress appropriate. There’s a time and place to show off your legs and bosoms– at a family function that’s a no-no.

7- Having good table manners is essential too– chew with your mouth closed, no elbows on the table and definitely no reaching over people.

8- Starting with “no offense” is offensive already.

What are some helpful tips you can add-on? Let me know in the comments below!

how to be a nice person

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  • Reply
    Queen B
    Jan 6, 2015 at 11:20 pm

    We act curious because we were raised that way, a response isn’t always necessary. Being.polite doesn’t mean you will be rewarded with reciprocation. I can understand your post but also disagree with it a bit too. Be you, be polite and carry your politeness through, don’t break it just because you didn’t get the response you wanted and certainly don’t lower yourself to the level of those you are trying to point out for their lack of respect.

    • Reply
      Jan 17, 2015 at 6:15 pm

      Yeah, I hear ya… it just gets me so mad it takes over which is something I am trying to work on. Thank you!

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