Beats By Dre (Neon Mixr)


Have any of you seen the new Neon Mixr Beats By Dre headphones promoted by no other than the fabulous David Guetta? If you haven’t then it’s clear you’ve been living under a rock!

But since I’m so nice here is the commercial so you know what I’m talking about:

[youtube width=”400″ height=”280″][/youtube]

I have some experience with these headphones. My boyfriend, being an audiophile always drags me along in his sometimes long and boring conversations about new monitors; new headphones; new microphones. I unintentionally keep up at times and listen in on the tech side of all the new audio equipment.

But don’t get me wrong. I do appreciate a quality listening device that boasts the integrity of an artists song and makes the quality crisp! Whether I’m in my home, exercising at the gym or sitting on a long train ride in and out of the city attending a casting call, I appreciate being one with the music and treat my ears.

Monster has provided an incredible history of high quality audio equipment for years. And when you think of the finest in audio devices, the first thing on everyone’s tongue is ‘Beats By Dre’. In my opinion Monsters greatest claim to a competitive field of audio manufactures.

And judging by the rest of society around me, everywhere you look you see the various colors ‘Beats’ provides. Whether you’re an original all black fan or an eccentric, green-wearing walker. There isn’t a color that doesn’t suit you. I’ve always loved the look of bright blue, but now Monster has upped the brightness with their new neon colors Mixr collection inspired by a challenge sent out by David Guetta.


I couldn’t be anymore in love! The new neon blue screams everything that Betsy-V is about! That’s my style.

The evolution of this particular headphone is just astounding. The quality hasn’t changed. My boyfriend had a pair of the original Studio Beats and he always talks about the quality of sound they had, becoming a very important tool in his work. But the best part about Monsters diabolical plan to take over every angle of the headphone industry is they never skimp on the quality. Whether you have the high-end Studio series or the casual Mixr collection.

So I could go to and pick up the new Mixr headphones and have that same quality my boyfriend hears when he’s mixing a track- I’ll just look cooler and cuter in my neon blue headphones. These colors could be the new lipstick 🙂



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