Bachelorette Party (Atlantic City)

With sunburn all over my body I come to bring my experience of how it went at Harrah’s in Atlantic City.

Was it fun? Absolutely.

Did I miss my family? Without a doubt.

Harrah’s hotel was nice. The casino area was nice, as were the rooms. We were lucky enough to find a groupon deal and ended up paying less than what they usually charge.

Friday night we ate at Carmine’s and wow! That food was amazing. You think that the dishes are expensive since they can range from $20-35 bucks, but the dishes are served family size so 2-4 people can eat from it.

After that we ended up going to the Golden Nugget hotel to party it up at Haven nightclub. We got $10 worth of gambling money from Haven where I won $23– not too bad. Haven was good, the music was good, drinks were good, but we were all so full from dinner an hour earlier that we weren’t so much into shaking our derrières. So a tip, don’t eat before going out.

Saturdays dinner was at Dos Caminos which is a Mexican restaurant and I’m not a huge fan of Mexican food so I was a bit weary of eating there, but did. Thank goodness I went! Food was pure ecstasy of love and lust put together in delicious portions of food.

After dinner we went to Pool After Dark at Harrah’s where DJ Pauly D was going to be and didn’t think we’d have the experience we did. At first the music was good with a guest DJ who was spinning and the crowd seemed to be enjoyable fun people.

It wasn’t until DJ Pauly D got on to start his set that everything went downhill. Talk about someone stretching those 15 minutes of fame. Even though he’s one of the liked Jersey Shore members and my favorite, he is the worst “DJ” ever to be heard by civilization. His “mixing” which we all know was a pre-mix that he just throws scratches on top was a complete and utter mess. He went from EDM music to one Spanish song “Suavemente” to rap to EDM to rap with absolutely no smooth transitions. Playing songs that didn’t even make sense to play at a club, like Alicia Keys “Girl on Fire.” Oh, and I almost left out repeating some of the songs over and over.

Then after a while the hood and ratchet people starting swarming in with their hood tendencies. A major fail on part of Harrah’s hotel. I was even given a cd of someone promoting their music (sigh eye). I respect a good hustle, but leave me alone. Then people grabbing at us and stalking you like a hawk wasn’t fun either. Note taken– don’t party at the Harrah’s.

I would’ve posted more photos up, but since I didn’t use my Nikon at all and these were taken with iPhones the quality is horrible, but enjoy!







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    Jun 24, 2013 at 5:17 pm

    Love it!!! I agree with everything but the best time was all ur company… ^^

    • Reply
      Jun 24, 2013 at 6:01 pm

      Especially my company! Lol jk it was awesome:)

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