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Johnson’s Baby New Head to Toe Wash

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johnsons baby wash

I told you all a few weeks ago that JOHNSON’S® Baby had a new collection out, ” HEAD-TO-TOE®” , which is just more great products added to their already established collections. They are always finding ways to enhance our lives as a family, but most importantly concentrating on our little ones. The next set of new products is JOHNSON’S ® HEAD-TO-TOE® extra moisture baby wash and baby cream. The same design as the original wash and cream bottles, different color scheme, unique scent and definitely a different formula– which you can tell when using it.

We’ve all been told the benefits of skin-to-skin contact immediately after the birth of our little ones. The baby’s first sensory stimulation in life comes from touch while in the womb. And it continues to be important throughout their infant years. This is why bath time is one of the essentials because it’s all about touch and contact with your baby. You don’t want products that aren’t gentle to your baby’s skin nor do you want an unpleasant smell. You won’t get that with the JOHNSON’S ® HEAD-TO-TOE® extra moisture baby wash and baby cream.

I love that the new line is ‘extra moisturizing’ because it appears that Gunner has been getting dry spots on his body like mommy. So finding a product that will clear that up is sometimes difficult to do. Not only will the JOHNSON’S ® HEAD-TO-TOE® extra moisture baby wash hydrate baby’s sensitive skin while bathing, but the JOHNSON’S ® HEAD-TO-TOE® extra moisture baby cream will help lock in the moisture for up to 24 hours. I’ve also been sneaking the cream in my hands and love it.

Sometimes my life gets hectic like I said on the prior post, but when we have the time we love bath time. Ziana also loves being included in the bath time ritual- rubbing the wash in his hair, rinsing it off his hair and shoving toys in his face (lol). It’s a great experience for the family and now even better since I’ve seen that his dry patches have been disappearing thus, working!

Will you be trying the new line?
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