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Boy am I enraged after yesterday’s adventures! The day before yesterday I was emailed about a casting for babies to go to for MAM baby products– exciting! Ziana’s first casting and a great baby product to represent, I was thrilled. I originally had another casting to go for myself, but canceled because this was priority.

Now before I get to the issue I’m ranting about I just want to let you know how the Red Penny casting went. Ziana smiled and was great while waiting, however, when it was time to get her picture taken she didn’t smile once! We all know she has that million dollar smile and she didn’t even throw one at the guy. Instead, Ziana opted out to give the man the “catching flies” with her mouth open look, haha. Let’s see if she gets a callback.



Now on to the issue at hand, I drive everywhere and absolutely hate public transpiration. Since the casting was on a Thursday afternoon by Union Square– parking was going to be rare, so I took the train in.

I didn’t think I’d have to worry about where I’d be getting on or off the train while pushing the stroller, oh-oh-oh, but apparently I did. Who knew that elevators weren’t accessible in many stops? Okay, I’m sure many people do, but not a first time mom who’s experiencing this for the first time alone! Before ever having to deal with this issue, sure I’d see the elevator sign on a stop, but didn’t think much of it. It was a huge shock to see the lack of accessibility to the disabled, old and strolling pushing mommy’s.

Every time I had to go up or down to the train I had to ask someone to help or people would just offer. I saw women, old men and kids helping me which made me feel good– good to know that people really aren’t mean and evil.

Sure there are elevators on every line, but sporadic and out-of-the-way especially to where I was going yesterday. Mayor Bloomberg raises taxes for tolls, subway and anything else he can benefit from and there’s no change, but the change in our pocket. If I already didn’t have enough reasons to dislike the man, well he just gave me one more!

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