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A Hairy Situation

I have this problem… It’s a hairy problem…


My hair! What were you thinking? Yes, my hair has become an issue as much as I love my long hair it’s quite a pain. I’ve colored my hair so many times it seems as if it can be beyond repairable. You see the ends are all dead and there’s a bunch of split ends, but I refuse to cut my “luscious” hair.

It’s especially not good when strands of my hair constantly fall out and get caught in all these places. I don’t think anyone enjoys picking out my hair from their food– that’s just one, I have a whole bunch!


Here are the cons…

– Gets caught in Ziana’s diaper
– Clogs up all the sinks and showers
– Somehow it gets caught in the microwave vent
– If it gets stuck in food it also gets stuck in the refrigerator.
-Driving with the window down feels great, but when your hair flies in your face it causes a hazard.
– When your hair collectively get together and form knots on their own that it looks like a spider.
– Getting it caught in my earrings isn’t too fun
– Windy days are definitely not our bet hair days
– Pulling my hair is Ziana’s form of daily fun
– Want something different and you think about cutting it, but you had this idea before and it turned out bad.
– Takes forever to do your hair
– My hair has become a burping cloth
– You can’t ever just wake up, brush your teeth and leave the house.

And as much of a pain it is it’s the best thing everrrrrr!!

– Can do all types of hair styles
– People always think you have extensions and get jealous when you say “NO.”
– People like to play with your hair and that is not an issue because it feels so good.
– If my hair gets at all frizzy I can easily just put it up.
– Long hair is just sexy in any situation
– You can cover your boobs with your own hair
– Make sure a mustache with your own hair
– Make a big knot with your hair and have it stay in place
– Make a braid and use it as a weapon. I use to hit people with y long braid all the time in elementary school, haha.
– Hide headphones in your ears
– Comb your hair to the front and look like cousin It or the scary chick from “The Grudge.”

So, you see ladies and gentlemen I have long hair and I don’t care. Not for change or for the good of man kind will I decide to chop it off– dead or alive!

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