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A Great Wardrobe Must Have

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Besides having different style jeans to have in your closet, I think another essential is your t-shirt game. I’m a sucker for tee’s! I use to always get a tee that had phrases on them, were designed different and really stood out, which is all great and dandy, but there’s an issue with that.

Yes girl, an issue.

Sometimes those graphic tee’s or design doesn’t mesh well with an outfit you’re trying to out together. And it’s not like a crisp white shirt where you can wear it every week– I mean you can, but it might be a bit too obvious that you don’t have anything else, but that ‘I woke up like this’ tee. A plain colored tee can really go a long way from hanging out at the park to being mommy to being a fierce hottie on a girls night out. No one takes much notice if you wore the same black top three times that week.

I have a good handful of white/black and grey tees– scoop neck, vneck, long sleeve, short sleeve and tank top. Which depending on what your style of choice is can be different. For instance, although I have crew neck tee’s I absolutely hate them! They’re my in-house t-shirts. V-necks are my go-to every time. Get the basic colors (white, black, grey, beige), then from there get green, blue, pink, stripes, chocker neck tee, distressed tee etc etc.

Something else I love about them is you can really step up your game in the accessories department from jewelry, handbags, shoes and even blazer/jacket. I’ve curated a few tees for you to check out and shop if you like– all under $25, some as low as $5! Enjoy!

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