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100th Day of School Ideas!

Easy 100 days of school ideas for your kids!

Congrats mommy’s and daddy’s we’ve made it to 100 gruesome FUN, yes fun days of school! It’s a nice reminder to let the kids know that they’ve made it through 100 days, which is big number for them, but also a nice reminder for us parents that all those days of us trying to figure out how to do their homework and early wake-up calls are soon coming to an end. Soon in another 100 days or so–

With this being my first year of Ziana Eliz being in a full-fledged school, apparently there’s something called “100 Days of School.” Ziana and the rest of her Kindergarten class will be participating and now I’m stuck having to do some DIY stuff that I hate. Anyone else lack talent in this department?

I scurried fast to Pinterest and looked for the easiest things I could find. Of course, I’m here sharing if you’re lazy and talentless as me–

Easy 100 Days of School Ideas

100 Days of School Ideas that are super easy!
1) Classroom Inspirations created this SUPER EASY IDEA, which I wish I would’ve seen before I bought all what I needed for Ziana’s stuff.

Easy 100 Days of School Ideas
100 days of school t-shit ideas

2) Definitely check out Ladies Live and Learn’s blog where she’s created a plethora of amazing ideas, like the bandaid t-shirt and fruity loops chain.

100 Days of School Kindergarden
3) Easiest of them all– hand painting a shirt with 100 fingers!

What I ended up doing…

100 Days of School 2018
4) Alright when I saw this one on Tip Junkie’s blog I knew this was the one I wanted. I went looking for gold, silver and black safety pins in one package, and was unsuccessful. I also thought I would get the BIG safety-pins–

Well I figured how hard could it possible be to put 100 safety-pins on a shirt…

I forgot I had no talent. No talent to even do 100 on a dang shirt with safety-pins. How that shirt was made? Magic…

My first attempt doing the 100 went terribly bad, and I was close to giving up, but then realized I could make it into a rainbow! That should be easy enough–

Failed again.

It’s not the worse thing you’ve probably seen, but it sure wasn’t how I imagined it! What did you do for 100 days of school?

100 days of school shirt ideas

2018 100 days of school ideas

100 Days of School Project

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  • Reply
    Apr 14, 2018 at 6:01 pm

    Where did you get the colored safety pins?

    • Reply
      May 10, 2018 at 11:07 pm

      Amazon of course 🙂

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