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GB Evoq Stroller For Parents

Strollers, something every parent needs in their lives because who wants or can actually hold their kid all day? I’m done after 2 minutes! So thank you to the creator of strollers and thank you to GB Evoq for one of my top picks of strollers. I was introduced to the GB Evoq during the NY Baby Show back in May. Whether you have a newborn or not, once your…

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Too Big or Too Small?

First off let me start off by saying I apologize for all my fellow Hispanics in advance. I say this because I am truly embarrassed when I see this– I said Hispanics and couldn’t find one picture of us doing it, lol, but I know you have all seen it! All types of parents for some reason think it’s okay for a child over the age of 4 to still…

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