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Being A Fab Mommy!

As a mom I know what it means having to use the little time you have wisely when getting your child ready, fed and then yourself. It’s a hard thing to manage for most mommy’s, but I always try to encourage other mommy’s that you shouldn’t forget about yourselves. If we don’t feel great, our day will be dreadful and then we sometimes we project those unwanted feelings on to…

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Email Subscriptions Are Evil

If you sign up now get 25% your whole order. Not just that, but get notified when there are sales and clearances. Sounds like a great idea! Right? No, wrong! Subscribing to be put on a stores mailing list is more of a curse than it is a gift. Sure, you get notified of the store buster deals and midnight sales, but sometimes it’s usually a scheme and I’ve seen…

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