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Sofia The First Holiday In Enchancia (Giveaway)

If you know my family, you know my little ones adores Sofia! She has the necklace, crown, and now even a Christmas ornament to add to the collection. Sofia The First Holiday in Enchancia if the most have for children this holiday. This is Sofia’s first Winter Holiday in the castle with her new family, but when the King goes missing Sofia takes the family on an adventurous expedition. Included…

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Mickey Mouse Clubhouse

We’re huge Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fans not only because the whole gang is so cute, BUT because it’s an interactive and learning show that has shown my daughter many great things! Imagine how happy we were (mostly me) when I saw that Disney released a new DVD called “Mickey Mouse Around The Clubhouse World” which is a fun new 25 minute long episode of Mickey and the gang traveling the…

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Support Me Please!

Having big breasts can be a gift or a curse depending who you are. Since I was in the fourth grade I was the only one who was developed and yes I was made fun of. I hated them back then and hate them now. I went from a size C to a size D during my pregnancy and it doesn’t look like my size will go back down anytime…

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