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Amanda Bynes: A Nut or Sane?

She was known to be one of Americas sweetheart. Her career started on Nickelodeon. If you’re in your twenties you grew up watching her show. Anyone get it? It’s none other then the girl we use to adore– Amanda Bynes. Now we all know her as a nutcase that no one can figure out. Is she on drugs? Did she fall and bump her head? Or is this really who…

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Ziana Says 2 Vote!

Here was an idea that popped into my head last night; do a shoot for voting day with Ziana. I was obviously unprepared because I don’t have anything in my home representing the great old country I live in. Therefore, I had to brainstorm and see what I could do. I remembered my boyfriend had bought a Ralph Lauren vest with the American flag on the back, BINGO! Without further…

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The Vote

Tomorrow is the big day! Where some say your vote counts and others beg to differ. The men in the ring are Obama and Romney who for months have been throwing punches. Now, will you be looking for another 4 years with our president or be looking for change? I for one am not into politics and won’t really say who I’m voting for. I do make my pros and…

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