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Have You Seen Me?

I have a blog. I write about my family, experiences and anything else that tickles my fancy. So why not try to help others too? I love children especially those in need of help. I have always been an advocate for them when it comes to education, health and most importantly anything dealing with their safety (abuse, kidnapping). I worked in foster care for 4 years and although I didn’t…

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The Sunrise Shoot

Yay! I got my pictures back from Dominique Dicaprio! Again this was done in Coney Island at 7AM, it was cold, I don’t know if you can tell, haha. This is by far my favorite shoot. I had an amazing time with her and she captured some very natural-commercial photos. Once I figure out how to put her contact information up under my “Credits” tab I will, but for now…

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