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Hot Pink Fashions

I love color so when I saw this hot pink blazer on sale at Wetseal I just had to get it! You can make any outfit seem spectacular with a pop of color; hot pink preferably. Hot pink is a fun and girly color and what’s great is that it’s versatile! These outfits are styled perfectly for those hot/cold Spring/summer days, especially here in New York! The “hiding from the…

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Happy Saint Patricks Day!

I was hours away from not being able to put up the photos I did of Ziana today. You see my genius boyfriend decided to mess with the computer and ended up messing it up so now we’re waiting for some CD to arrive in order to reboot it. With no computer there’s no way I can edit them. Thankfully, I borrowed a friends computer and worked my magic there.…

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The Sunrise Shoot

Yay! I got my pictures back from Dominique Dicaprio! Again this was done in Coney Island at 7AM, it was cold, I don’t know if you can tell, haha. This is by far my favorite shoot. I had an amazing time with her and she captured some very natural-commercial photos. Once I figure out how to put her contact information up under my “Credits” tab I will, but for now…

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