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The Intimate Britney Spears

You may all know my love and slight obsession with Britney Spears– from being a great performer and business woman there’s no stopping her. I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that my best friend (in my head) had a lingerie line called ” The Intimate Britney Spears! Yes, something sexy or casual for all us women. The line is very basic right now in terms of colors and…

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Reusing Lingerie in a New Relationship?

Women love lingerie and men do too– well some do. We love stacking up on cute and sexy outfits or just bras and panties. And you may also buy specific pieces for your current man, BUT what happens when you have a new man? Do you throw out that lingerie or reuse them? Lingerie isn’t cheap! So I’m all for reusing what you have. Your man isn’t going to know…

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