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Happy Halloween Family Costume Pirates

It’s now been three years and Halloween is still my favorite holiday! I wasn’t one to do the Halloween thing, but since I met my boytoy who loves every holiday I’ve become slightly obsessed. Raising Ziana he’s making sure she’s into this holiday as well. Maybe you’ve watched our daily vlogs on YouTube where we’ve exposed– and terrifying her to all that Halloween has to offer. I think we did…

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A Zombified Halloween

FINALLY! All the issues I had my website which made uploading the site slow has been fixed and I’m back!!! Are you as excited as I am? lol Well, anyhow, Halloween was on Thursday and if you read my Twitter and Facebook posts you’ll know that I’ll have to eventually give up a right or left hand for having it not rain on out parade. I never knew people trick-o-treated…

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