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DIY Ugly Sweater Christmas Ornament

Another Christmas passing calls for another DIY Christmas ornament. Every year my family makes a Christmas ornament and exchanges them with my boyfriend’s family– a tradition that is one of my favorites, but also one I hate. It’s possible. Trust me. I always admire those who can literally make a desk out of plastic plates and garbage bags, add some jewels and voila they have a working-one-of-a-kind masterpiece. My talents…

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Maternity Holiday Gift Guide

When you’re expecting there’s tons of things you need to make the pregnancy go by swiftly and since I’m on the same boat as many expecting mommy’s I thought I’d make a maternity holiday gift guide. These are a few things that would ease my mind, so I figured I’d help those who needs some ideas. Now just because I’m giving you maternity gift idea doesn’t mean we don’t want…

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