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HAPPY HALLOWEEN 2017- JUSTICE LEAGUE The day finally came and we couldn’t be happier! Every year some serious discussions go down in the household where we discuss, okay I discuss what we should be for Halloween. This year was planned for years and with the whole Wonder Woman film which came out a few months ago we decided this would be the year we do the Superhero theme, better yet…

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Getting Prepared for Halloween – Oriental Trading

It’s a known fact by the whole world, okay by my family and friends, that I love Halloween and that was never the case growing up. Past few years just all the ghosts and scaryness that it brings has got me to the point that I’m slightly obsessed. My favorite part of Halloween is actually dressing up in family theme. For the past three years we’ve dressed up in theme…

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All Hallows’ Eve

… Or Happy Halloween as we all know it to be today. I had totally forgotten where this day derived from so I thought as a ‘treat’ I’d remind you all! History: The Irish and Scottish immigrants actually introduced parts of the tradition to Northern America in the 19th century. Halloween has its origins in the ancient Celtic festival known as Samhain. The festival was a time to celebrate the…

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