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GB Evoq Stroller For Parents

Strollers, something every parent needs in their lives because who wants or can actually hold their kid all day? I’m done after 2 minutes! So thank you to the creator of strollers and thank you to GB Evoq for one of my top picks of strollers. I was introduced to the GB Evoq during the NY Baby Show back in May. Whether you have a newborn or not, once your…

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NY Baby Show For Parents

This past weekend I attended the NY Baby Show and you may be wondering what exactly that is. The NY Baby Show was an exhibit of many family brands for you newborn to your toddler and anyone was welcomed to attend; expectant parents, first time parents to the been-there-done-that parents. I was super eager to attend because as you already know we are trying for our second headache– I mean…

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