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You Know You’re A Parent Of A Toddler When..

Life as a parent of a toddler is hard, exhausting, but usually always funny when you look back on it– 1. You dream of their favorite show like Sesame Street and secretly– or not secretly become obsessed. 2. You stay up watching Sesame Street or Fresh Beat Band way after they’ve been sleeping. 3. You start crying inconsolably like little one because you both don’t know what you want, haha.…

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Comedy Weekends with Jamie Roberts (Giveaway)

I love going to comedy shows and sitting in the front is always a seat I want! Yeah, I’m a rare bread– This past weekend I attended The Late Show with Jamie Roberts at NY Comedy Club and it was beyond hilarious, there’s not even a word that exist for it. I’ve attended Jamie Roberts shows in the past and I always enjoyed myself, so I knew this wasn’t going…

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