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2018 Walt Disney Studios Movie Releases!

2018 Walt Disney Studios Movie Releases!   By now you’re well aware that this family, my family, is all about that Disney life. Anything Disney we are always all the way in. One of our fondest memories were, of course, visiting  Walt Disney World and Disneyland each moment magical and something we will never forget, well maybe the kids, but definitely not mommy and daddy! And although we would love to visit the…

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Disney Land vs. Disney World

Disney Land vs. Disney World When you’re a Disney fan, you have a favorite. A favorite movie; a favorite character; a favorite song; a favorite park! I feel like I’m always swapping out my favorite Disney everything. We had a ‘business trip’ scheduled to Anaheim, CA for VidCon a couple weeks ago and it was a no brainer we were going to extend our stay a couple days to checkout…

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