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New York City Dads Can Now Change Dirty Diapers

New York City Dads Can Now Change Dirty Diapers As a parent we become pretty great at MacGyvering our way through any situation where we need to make things happen for our children. I remember numerous times where I would walk to a bathroom with the kids and walk into a bunch of stalls with no changing tables. Here come those handy MacGyver skills to use– angrily ripping thousands of…

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Mission Impossible: Changing Diapers

Changing diapers use to be an easy task– place baby down, take off clothes, wipe and put new diaper on. That was all– no fuss, no tears, just an easy and calm baby. I was forewarned by my sister-in-law who said, “just wait till she can crawl she won’t be staying still.” Of course I was naïve to think my daughter would do such a thing! Before being an active…

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