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Kim Kardashian & Pregnancy Mistakes

I don’t think anyone really likes the KarTRASHian, sorry I meant Kardashian family–Freudian slip. We love to hate them (most of them) because their so easy to hate. Who actually likes self-absorbed, money-grubbing pimps? Yes pimps. In any case, that’s not what this post is about. We’ve all seen how much Kim Kardashian is OBSESSED with plastic surgery; Botox, lip-injection, breast augmentation and maybe some booty shots (which is debatable).…

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The World’s Most Beautiful–

Read all about it! People magazine has finally released “The World’s Most Beautiful Woman” issue and we are all so excited! Because who doesn’t wait for this issue to come out every year? Well I– don’t, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t peek my interest when they name that “IT” person. Unfortunately, it was someone everyone hates according to a recent poll taken by Star Magazine-/ and results showed that…

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