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Your Car Seat Can Kill Your Baby

A car seat can kill my baby? I remember when I had my daughter three-year-ago and all she would sleep in 75% of the time was a car seat or rocker. Who wants to wake a sleeping baby up? I needed sleep myself and having those extra moments of relaxation or shut-eye was everything I need to be rejuvenated. I had already planned on using the rocker to put my…

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Front Facing Vs. Rear Facing Car Seat

Ziana and her friend two days ago It’s a controversial topic– rear-facing (RF) car seat vs. front-facing (FF) car seat. I didn’t know there was such fuss over the topic. The only thing I knew was that RF is the safest for your child, but didn’t know why or that other parents would give you the side eye and be angrily against it for even mentioning FF car seat for…

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