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Happy New Years 2013

It’s that time again, with every holiday comes a mini-photoshoot with Ziana. Thankfully, I remembered last minute that instead of Valentine’s Day being the next holiday it was New Years. So I scrambled to get something done. Can’t wait for a better lens to make these pictures even better! HAPPY NEW YEAR AND ENJOY! Can’t have a shoot without at least one crying picture, haha And of course a meme,…

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New Years Safety and Tips

New Years for me isn’t going to be the same anymore. Now that I have Ziana I rather bring in the New Year with her and my family. No more finding the perfect freak-em-dress, party until the break of dawn, making out with a random guy at 12 and getting so drunk you can’t remember your last name– nope none of that! Instead I’ll spend it with the family and…

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