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Little Mermaid Dress-Up Giveaway

Having a little girl means someone who might just love the whole dress-up thing like my little girl. This time around it’s about The Little Mermaid– or a Little Mermaid inspired one from Great Pretenders. Check out Ziana’s review video of the dress and some accessories she was gifted from Great Pretenders! Oh, and enter to win the exact mermaid dress– a Rafflecopter giveaway…

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Fancy Nancy and Disney Jr!

The title is correct! My– OUR obsession for Fancy Nancy increased by 100x when we heard news that Disney Jr. was picking up Fancy Nancy for a movie and animated series! Yay!!!! I was so thrilled and couldn’t wait, but then found out I would have to wait and not only a few month or a year, but two years! Fancy Nancy will be making a grand old entrance to…

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