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Zhena’s Slim Me Tea (Giveaway)

We are all pretty much obsessed with diets and ways to slim our waistlines. You may even be one of those people who try every new product that helps promote appetite suppression or says it will burn those stingy fat rolls off. Well, I was given the opportunity to do a review on Zhena’s Slim Me Tea.. Of course, I reviewed the product in both written and visual form for…

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Natural Supplements

I absolutely hate diets and eating right is a job within itself. My diet has gotten better not much fried foods, no beef, no more McDonalds and such. Then there’s working out (sigh) what a drag! Why couldn’t I be one of those lucky people who have a fast metabolism!? I do workout, but after 20 minutes I’m doner than done. So I needed that extra boost to help my…

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