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What I Wore To The Orgullosa Event

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook and yes, of course Twitter then you saw that I attended the Orgullosa event which was just fabulous! More on that event to come next week, but many wanted to know what I wore. Well, here ya go with all the deets! I call this my “Clueless” look with the plaid skirt :p | Shirt: Forever 21 | Vest: I don’t remember |…

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Expiration Dates On Friendships

There’s an expiration on all things in life– our insurance policies, food, graduation, relationships and friends, right? Or is that going a bit too far? Don’t certain relationships were currently in have a date of expiration? We can’t completely be oblivious that there’s an end to a certain friend. When we get into these relationships we don’t want to think about us not being close friends anymore, but things happen…

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