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Roaring 20’s Birthday Party Theme

I can’t believe it either! As I wrote that title and read it, I still can’t believe I now am a MOTHER of a 4-year-old and now 1-year-old. It seems just like yesterday that we all experienced Gunner’s birth. Now, you know our love for themes, we had to do a themed party, in which Gunner has no say. Gunner hasn’t been into anything that he favors like trucks, or…

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Planning A First Birthday

So my little Buddha-belly finally turned 9-months last week! Yay! It’s exciting to see how much she’s grown, but then I remember I’m three months away from celebrating her first birthday (sigh). If I thought my life was stressful already it was only going to be worse. Ziana’s first year of life needs to be celebrated in a big way– any child’s first needs to be. After that it’s going…

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